eMathsMaster enables non-Maths teachers to teach Maths as a second subject very effectively. Created by the best teaching school Maths specialists, eMathsMaster is the most comprehensive mapping of how to teach Maths from year 5, key stage 2 up to GCSE ever undertaken.
It includes: Maths lessons, teaching techniques, multiple assessments, bespoke curriculum creator, scheme of work planner, pupil engagement tools and full reporting with analytics for the SLT.


An online teacher training programme containing the entire UK National Maths Curriculum (Key stage 2 to advanced GCSE). Over 1000 animated lessons & teaching technique films with accompanying assessments & over 500 modules of relevant Maths questions. Bite sized modules quickly increase teacher confidence & subject knowledge meaning great lessons can be delivered almost immediately.

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Schools can invite pupils to use the system for learning, revision, homework, lesson support. The course creator gives teachers and administrators the ability to create new lessons, schemes of work and homework assignments or assessments. With reporting and analytics, a fully functioning LMS, compliance support and many other features, the system provides senior management with unparalleled benefits.

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Introducing eMathsMaster to your child through the easy to use, logical and fun learning experience will help pupils achieve their maximum potential by building subject confidence, covering every element of the curriculum in a structured, professional manner. Includes over 1,000 animated videos, assessments & relevant Maths questions for the full UK National Maths Curriculum from key stage 2 to GCSE. With reporting tools for parents to monitor and support their child's Maths progress.

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An effective education partnership

USP Software created eMathsMaster, the teacher and pupil Maths programme with The Dean Trust’s highly regarded School Centred Initial Teacher Training academy and offers a unique teacher retraining platform, a pupil management programme for use in school and a pupil revision and subject mastery system (Suitable for supporting home education).
Three editions, for teachers, schools and parents of pupils are designed to deliver the fastest and most effective learning experience leading to new qualifications and accreditations in a timely, cost effective and convenient manner. What’s more the gaming mechanics inherently designed in the system make the learning experience enjoyable and fun.

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