3 Editions Available

  • Primary Teacher Training (Key Stage 2/3)

    Primary Teacher Training (Key Stage 2/3)

    eMathsMaster Primary Teacher Edition re-trains non-maths specialists, teaching assistants and NQTs to teach and effectively deliver fun and engaging maths lessons in Key Stage 2. Includes Key Stage 3 for advanced teaching and learning. All topics covered by eMathsMaster have been approved by The Maths Hub for SATs preparation 2018/2019. Upskills teachers in 60-90 hours.
  • Secondary maths teacher training (GCSE)

    Secondary maths teacher training (GCSE)

    eMathsMaster Teacher Edition GCSE re-trains non-maths specialists, non-maths teachers, teaching assistants and NQTs to teach and effectively deliver fun and engaging maths lessons, in secondary schools and FE colleges. Covers Key Stage 2 through to GCSE, level 9. Can be used as a tool to support teachers' existing schemes of work, as a hybrid solution. Up skill teachers in 60-120 hours.
  • Student Learning & Revision

    Student Learning & Revision

    Are you lost or behind in class and worried about passing your exams? Do you want to improve your maths ability? Do you think you CAN'T do maths? YOU CAN! Our Ethos is HARD WORK = SUCCESS. Put the time in, get the results. We guarantee you'll pass your GCSE with a minimum GRADE 5 PASS or your money back! eMathsMaster is available 24/7. Become an eMathsMaster!

Case Studies

  • “We’re using the platform [eMathsMaster] to upskill our own vocational staff as well as provide a homework platform for students. We’ve had great engagement from some students, who’ve done hours of extra work. We are certainly getting more homework out of them than we have done in the past, and tutors like being able to get students working on maths without having to go away and find resources.”

  • “One huge benefit of using Emathsmaster has been the IT support we have received as a college. Tom has been more than helpful and always gone the extra mile to resolve any issues encountered in a friendly and timely manner. This has made getting to grips with the system so much easier and has allowed more staff and students to access the resources.”
  • We’ve put our three most under-performing schools onto the [eMathsMaster] system in their entirety. We started with a small group last academic year and have quickly implemented it to ensure greater coverage. Where engagement is high we’ve seen pupils jump several grades in a matter of weeks. We’ve used this mainly as a homework tool but we will be looking at additional lessons where pupils use this for the whole lesson. We had a choice between this and several other maths programmes. All of these have their good points but we chose eMathsMaster because it appeared to have lots more positives than the others did. Students who are re-sitting [in Further Education colleges] would benefit from the confidence building aspects of programme and the, almost game like, need to complete the programme. Adam and his team have been ridiculously supportive and cannot offer us enough help and support at the drop of the hat. It’s definitely something, I feel, your department should consider strongly.

  • As a non-specialist, eMathsMaster has given me more confidence with the mathematics, along with teaching ideas to use with my classes. Of the Year 11 students that have been introduced to the student version, several have really engaged with the course since we introduced it. I believe that this will really benefit the students in that they can monitor their own progress which also builds confidence. It is an intuitive and easy to use platform. I highly recommend it."

  • The eMathsMaster course has helped to build confidence with my own subject knowledge and maths specific pedagogy. The course provides effective and interesting ways to teach students new skills, ensuring they are engaged and understand the fundamentals of the subject. eMathsMaster is simple to use and very accessible and has been a great help when it comes to planning interactive and engaging lessons."

  • I was worried about trying maths again after a 20 year break. Fortunately I've found eMathsMaster very easy to use. It goes through things in easy bite size pieces. I also like how I can do a module around free time in work or in the evening. It works well on a tablet, so you really can fit it in wherever you are! A massive change from trying to read through old exercise books!

  • I was offered the eMathsMaster course at the end of my Teacher Training year by the training provider. As a Primary Maths specialist, I was particularly interested in delivering engaging maths lessons in order to embed learning of difficult maths concepts. The course helped in polishing my skills and enhanced my subject knowledge, regarding topics taught at a Primary school level. The course videos and teaching materials were useful in providing a great visual learning environment and helped me in understanding concepts like fractions and decimals in greater depth. The content of the course complemented the mastery element of the new National curriculum objectives for maths as it had elements added into the modules to support deeper level thinking in children. On the whole, the course provides a very well structured approach to teaching and learning, keeping in mind the diverse learning abilities in the classroom.

  • Having completed 25% so far, I am really pleased with the videos and the form of most of the questions. When I have got into difficulty, you have been prompt with responding either by email/text/phone to ensure I am able to make progress without delay.

  • I am not poorly educated. I have a university degree and a fist full of other qualifications but I always knew that maths was just not my thing and for the most part, it didn’t matter. Then I had children. Knowing how to do maths is not enough when you are trying to help kids do their homework. Knowing how the school teaches it so that you can reinforce their learning and not confuse them into turning their backs on the subject is absolutely key. That was what I was lacking. Having been through the eMathsMaster programme, I can now help my children using the same language and methods that are familiar to them from school and I can support the school’s teaching by continuing it at home. They don’t even have to listen to me. I can show them a Lesson film that is engaging and fun, that explains the maths better than I could and then, I can help with the questions that follow. Quick and effective, eMathsMaster has not only improved my maths but also my kids’ understanding of the subject. It has also had the unintended effect of improving my relationship with them and their homework – they trust what I say, making the whole homework process so much easier for all of us!

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