eMathsMaster is a unique tool that helps schools, maths teachers, non-maths teachers and teaching assistants to teach maths, by following the principles and methodology of the Model of Maths Mastery that has been consistently top of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

Through blending the Maths Mastery Model method with the aims of the UK National Curriculum, we believe that we have created the most robust, effective, coherent and reliable method for teaching and learning maths. Feedback from both teachers and students already using the system confirm this.

What are the core elements of the Maths Model that eMathsMaster utilises to achieve such excellent results?

Efficiency of learning

A key factor of the Maths Model is how it reduces maths teaching time in school. eMathsMaster delivers these time savings immediately. It’s an extraordinarily time effective teaching process. The mastery method of continuous assessment means that no student gets left behind and there are no gaps in student understanding. Each group fully understands all the previous principles of the topic, so that there is a thorough understanding for all. It negates the need to go over earlier learning principles which slows down the entire class, as all students have attained the same level.

Security of understanding

If all students are secure in their knowledge of previous topics, all students have much more confidence about the subject and approach lessons in a far more positive frame of mind. This fosters a positive learning environment. The high engagement gamification of the eMathsMaster system delivers confidence in both teachers and students.


Equality of opportunity

One of the elements that attracted us to the Maths Mastery Model is how it enables disadvantaged students to achieve the same high standards as advantaged students. Everybody gets the same opportunity to learn, the same quality of maths tuition and every single student gets to the same end goal. eMathsMaster delivers a level playing field for all teachers and students, regardless of their background or circumstances. We have already positively impacted the lives of students from disadvantaged areas.


Unified and comprehensive curriculum

eMathsMaster follows a thorough academic plan created by highly regarded teacher-trainers. The Lessons cover all material on the GCSE Curriculum. The educational process provided by eMathsMaster ensures that every single student receives a consistent learning experience that, in turn, leads to consistent learning outcomes. This also provides a smooth transition through classes, allowing students to fill in any gaps in their understanding. Teachers working through the system also work through each of the standards for the various classes, ensuring coverage of all topics they may be expected to teach.


Continuous assessment of teachers and students

Each individual lesson and teaching technique segment in eMathsMaster contains assessments ensuring understanding, including over 2,500 competency-based assessments. The relevant assessments are the same for every school, every teacher and every student on the system. These questions offer immediate feedback to both the students and teachers. Teachers can view the progress of their students, spot trouble areas, and intervene when needed. Administrators may also track the progress of the teachers in their school.


Continuous professional development for teachers

Teachers across the UK have been experiencing increased pressures to deliver higher scores on their student's exams. With ever-shifting expectations, maths teachers are often overwhelmed with the demands placed on them. Many are also disappointed at the inaccessibility of maths-specific professional development. eMathsMaster provides insight from a team of experienced teachers in its collection of Teaching Techniques films. These lessons offer advice on how to help students better understand why certain formulas work, as well as warn where many students encounter difficulties. They help to build pedagogical content knowledge by providing insight that normally takes years of experience to accumulate. For teachers seeking a boost in confidence, a deeper understanding of the material, or a fresh perspective, eMathsMaster provides a wealth of information.


How else does eMathsMaster deliver?

eMathsMaster offers real-time teacher and student progress reporting, plus the ability to access Lessons, Assessments and Maths Questions, both inside and outside of school hours. The software uses state-of-the-art gamification and hyper-engagement mechanics to engage teachers and students, ensuring maximum confidence.

eMathsMaster allows for true differentiation in the classroom and helps less-able students to improve rapidly, as well as attain educational achievements beyond previous expectations. There are students currently going through the system doing exactly that. It also allows for true differentiation in the classroom.

The system helps all students attain content knowledge while boosting their confidence. It also provides a unique opportunity for those who struggle in the classroom. These students find that they improve rapidly and attain educational achievements beyond previous expectations, as shown in trials. eMathsMaster can provide a school with educational results almost immediately, through its plug-and-play delivery processes.