We are small team, working hard to improve maths attainment, make teacher training more accessible and make maths fun for teachers and students around the world. Each of us has something big to give, and we wholeheartedly commit to solving the maths teacher shortage globally, and creating the most engaging maths videos for all to learn with, and have fun! 


  • Adam Caplan

  • Kannan Chandrasekaran

    Technology Manager
  • Tom Keegan

    Operations Manager
    Hi I'm Tom, I'm the Operations Manager for eMathsMaster. I work closely with all teams to ensure everything runs smoothly. I manage the customer support desk and help schools get set up and to know eMathsMaster. I've been with eMathsMaster from the beginning and have loved every minute of it.
  • Bianca Caplan

    Sales & Community Marketing Manager
    I have been part of eMathsMaster since day 1, when my father, Adam Caplan realised there was a solution to the maths teacher shortage, it just hadn't been created yet, and so eMathsMaster was born. It feels like yesterday the two of us sat eating a sandwich on the grass in St James's Park in London, discussing eMathsMaster, as an idea. I became overjoyed and excited learning we had a chance to change the world and bring such positive change to education, consequently we have. Most of the problems in our world can be resolved by education. We don't believe teachers and students are low-ability, but low-opportunity, so eMathsMaster provides better opportunity. I manage the sales team, marketing and PR. I love selling eMathsMaster, because it gives us the chance to work with schools, and see rewarding results happen in front of our eyes. This proves that our solution works. Knowing how effective eMathsMaster is for school's and college's is part of what gets me up every morning, and I feel grateful to be a part of this.
  • Gail O'rourke

    Senior Bookkeeper
    Hi I'm Gail, I'm the Senior Book keeper for eMathsMaster and have been with this company since 2017 when I moved back to the UK after spending 16 years in Florida. I have over 40 years experience in bookkeeping in both practice and public sectors, in the U.K and the U.S. We have a great team which makes the working day a pleasure and eMathsMaster a great place to work.
  • Ruben Bertran

    Senior Visual Artist
    Hi I'm Ruben, I'm responsible for the eMathsMaster visuals, establishing the look and feel for various interfaces, including our new online Learning Engine on websites, tablets and mobile devices. I also create marketing designs, such as show stands, leaflets, posters, business cards, t-shirts... I also get to design the visuals for our Premier League football teams. I'm very proud to be part of a very talented team. It's about time we learn to enjoy maths, here is where learning becomes fun!
  • Beth Milnes

    Head of Video Production
    Hello! I am Beth and I am in charge of all things video at eMathsMaster Ltd. I manage and create with the lovely team of animators who craft all of the visual content you see within eMathsMaster as well as the animations for other products we make. Maths has always been a weak part of my education, so being able to be part of a company that targets the most uninteresting parts of learning maths and makes them exciting and easy to understand is extremely rewarding. I absolutely love the work I do and am so proud and excited to be part of a company that is making a difference in the world. For me, coming to work means making a change in the lives of future generations and slowly and surely making the world a better place. What more do you want from a career?!
  • Max Ardron

    2D Animator
    Hello there! My name’s Max and I’m an animator at eMathsMaster. I strive to create unique and engaging narratives with compelling characters the viewer can relate to. Instead of simply watching a visual representation of a maths lesson, I try to always use the amazing and infinite tools of animation to transport students to new worlds. I believe one of the main responsibilities of an animator is to entertain and engage, however here at eMathsMaster I am fortunate enough to be a part of educating a whole new generation through my favourite artistic medium.
  • Laura Pugh

    Editor/ Technical Writer
    Hi, I’m Laura and I’m the Editor/ Technical Writer here at eMathsMaster. My roles vary between writing the scripts for our videos, writing assessment questions and quality assuring all published material. In this I use my creativity to write engaging and exciting content that keeps users interested in their courses. I work closely with the animation team to ensure we can deliver a high quality, fun and rewarding learning experience.
  • Kerri Hallihan

    USA Curriculum Director
    Hi! I’m Kerri, and I am in charge of developing the American curriculum for eMathMaster. I spend my time Americanizing the eMathsMaster material and developing new lessons for the US. I am certified as a middle and high school teacher in Massachusetts and have been continuously studying the art of teaching mathematics. My background began with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and was followed up with a Masters in Secondary Math Education from Northeastern University and many other courses. I have been a high school math and programming teacher for 16 years and have tutored students of all ages. I am truly delighted to have an opportunity to provide engaging content and teacher training to a wider audience. The animation team does an amazing job of bringing the lessons to life, and I love watching the whole process.