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eMathsMaster is a proud partner of The Dean Trust

The Dean Trust is a medium-sized multi-academy Trust with a sustained and proven track record of leading successful schools and supporting schools experiencing challenge to improve standards and outcomes for students.

From our inception, as the West Trafford Learning Partnership, when a hard federation was formed between the founding school Ashton on Mersey and Broadoak School, our Trust has steadily and ethically increased in size and sphere of influence to deliver high quality education to communities across four local authorities in the North-West.

All of our nine schools (5 secondary and 4 primary) are instantly recognisable by our shared values of Believe, Achieve, Succeed and by our commitment to always put the welfare and educational needs of our students first. Dean Trust schools are also consistent in the high standards of behaviour, high quality teaching and learning, pastoral support and the achievement of students.

Whilst schools share consistently high standards, expectations and aspirations, each nevertheless has its own unique identity which is built around local context and the communities that we serve.

The nature and composition of our growing Trust means that we have a rich cultural, social and economically diverse community of schools where every opportunity is taken to learn from the best of each of our contrasting contexts. Our family of schools has a supportive and collaborative learning culture that provides the very best education for the almost four thousand students within our care.

The Dean Trust is proud to be playing a significant role in providing high quality school places and engaging nationally recognised and highly reputable businesses to provide a traditional, yet innovative, and aspirant curriculum where all students, regardless of academic, social or economic position can Believe, Achieve and Succeed.

Strong partnerships in education and business (Department for Education, Outstanding Leadership Partnership, National College, Best Practice Network, Manchester United, UKFast and eMathsMaster) positions us to actively engage in supporting the resolution of local and national challenges within education.

In response to the well-publicised national mathematics teacher recruitment crisis, eMathsMaster has been jointly developed by USP Software and The Dean Trust.

At The Dean Trust, we believe that all teachers are potential teachers of mathematics. This is of particular importance within the Primary and key stage 3 phases of education where, far too often, students are taught by non-maths specialists or by teachers who feel less confident in their ability to deliver engaging and challenging maths lessons.

Whilst there are many good teachers in our schools, the supply of maths teachers does not meet the increasing demand.

eMathsMaster provides teachers, schools and training providers with an innovative online training solution which empowers non-maths specialists to become confident and effective teachers of mathematics.

Through a suite of professionally produced interactive learning videos, teachers develop their maths mastery as they experience a graduated, stepped approach to building their knowledge and skills. Teachers develop confidence within a range of teaching methods and have the opportunity to reflect upon and prepare to tackle common misconceptions. The comprehensive resource base and stepped mastery approach equips teachers to teach all Primary and Secondary year groups up to GCSE grade 9.

eMathsMaster allows non-maths specialists to work in their own time, in their preferred learning environment and at their own pace, with the security of knowing that they have that ongoing reference and support.

An additional incentive for teachers is that the resources can be used in their lessons to introduce, consolidate and challenge learning, addressing another current concern, workload.

We believe that we have developed a unique solution to training non-maths teachers to be effective maths teachers.



Primary Edition

KS2 and selected modules of KS3 for advanced primary students

Secondary Edition

KS2 to GCSE, level 9 GCSE standards

Student Edition

KS2 to level 9 GCSE standards Learn and revise maths, anytime, anywhere, 24/7!


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