Key Stage 2 up to Grade 9 GCDSE

Re-trains non-Maths teachers to
deliver great Maths lessons.


The personal online Maths tuition program
that covers: Key Stage 2 up to
Grade 9 GCSE Available 24/7
on all devices!

Teacher, Pupil & Classroom editions,
admin tools, CRM reporting & more…

eMathsMaster School Edition GCSE

The School Edition adds extra features for schools. As eMathsMaster is a complete learning management system for non-Maths teachers wanting to learn the skills required to deliver high quality Maths lessons up to GCSE standard, there also exists the capability to add more pupils so that they can complete the pupil elements of the learning programme. Additionally, the School Edition comes with a comprehensive reporting suite, pupil management software, in-house compliance and staff training courses, scheme of work creator, lesson builder, curriculum manager, recruitment CRM, staff assessment and appraisal software, health and safety materials and much more.

A complete programme

The eMathsMaster school edition upgrades every element of the teacher edition to include some very powerful features.

  • Invite all pupils to the eMathsMaster training programme
  • Pupil management and reporting tools
  • School LMS with built-in Health and Safety courses
  • In-house compliance and staff training course – both pre-built and customisable
  • Scheme of work and curriculum creator
  • Lesson and programme builder – easy-to-use and customisable software
  • A full recruitment CRM, helps manage the staff recruitment process, temps, etc. Reduces agency fees considerably
  • Staff assessment and appraisal software
  • Ability to give parents access to their pupils' performance scores, progress, etc

eMath Dashboard

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Make your own online courses

Fully customisable system allows schools to create, import and utilise extremely powerful software. Schools can deliver effective and cost efficient learning outcomes.

eMathsMaster offers schools, Further Education Colleges and other educational institutions the power and flexibility to deliver some outstanding learning outcomes, using technology to increase pupil and staff engagement, reduce overheads significantly and make some real savings of time.

Add / remove / re-assign Pupil & Teacher

With the click of one button you can add / remove / re-assign teachers to subjects and monitor their progress in that subject.

Course Info

Course Info

Built-in Maths UK National Curriculum

eMathsMaster School Edition includes whole of the UK National Curriculum for Maths. Standards has been mapped from Key Stage 2 up to GCSE advanced. Within the system there is flexibility to add your own schemes of work for Maths. The School Edition also allows you the freedom to create your own courses for any subject.

See reports of teachers / pupil progress on courses

This programme covers KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4/ GCSE Maths, delivered through 1,500 film based modules including lessons, Teaching Techniques, developing reasoning and deep thinking elements. The course is divided into 6 subjects:

  • Numbers
  • Geometry & Measures
  • Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Ratio, Proportion & Rates of Change

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Secondary Edition

Primary Edition
KS2 + Advance Primary

Pupil Edition
KS2 to GCSE Revision


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"As a non-specialist, eMathsMaster has given me more confidence with the mathematics, along with teaching ideas to use with my classes. Of the Year 11 pupils that have been introduced to the pupil version, several have really engaged with the course since we introduced it. I believe that this will really benefit the pupil in that they can monitor their own progress which also builds confidence. It is an intuitive and easy to use platform. I highly recommend it."

- Roger Hutchinson, Biology Teacher, Barnsley Academy, UK

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