Key Stage 2 up to Grade 9 GCDSE

Re-trains non-Maths teachers to
deliver great Maths lessons.


The personal online Maths tuition program
that covers: Key Stage 2 up to
Grade 9 GCSE Available 24/7
on all devices!

Teacher, Pupil & Classroom editions,
admin tools, CRM reporting & more…

eMathsMaster Teacher Edition GCSE

eMathsMaster is a complete learning management system for non-Maths teachers wanting to learn the skills required to deliver high quality Maths lessons up to GCSE level.

A good non-Maths teacher can confidently deliver high quality lessons as soon as they have demonstrated mastery of topics or modules.

It also provides supervisory progress reports. The programme contains over 1,000 animated lessons and teacher training films and in excess of 2,500 competency-based assessments covering the full UK National Curriculum from Key Stage 2 up to GCSE to an advanced level. It is also suitable for iGCSE.

The 12 steps cover all six topics of Maths: Numbers, Probability, Geometry & Measures, Algebra, Statistics, and Ratio, Proportion & Rates of Change.

A detailed training programme

The eMathsMaster teaching platform is an intuitive and intelligent Maths training programme delivered by USP’s reliable and fast software system.

The programme is broken down into:

The lesson

The Maths Questions

Teaching Techniques

It covers every aspect of the Maths curriculum, spread over 12 steps and presented in bite size modules for fast learning outcomes. The system is designed so that users can only progress once they have mastered the previous module. This ensures subject mastery is quickly attained

eMath Dashboard

User Info

Invite pupils to the system to learn, revise, and complete homework assessments

Inviting your class onto the programme engages pupils, helps them learn, gives you access to their results and shows where assistance is required in a very targeted manner. In addition, you have access to homework creation tools, lesson creator, pupil reporting and scheme of work tools.

Extensive real time reporting tools provide the ability to track pupil progress, results and engagement. Visibility of pupil questions/answers, system access and assessments provide valuable management information for the organisation.

Reporting covers everything and anything from the entire organisation down to individual pupils or courses and can be delivered through a number of methods.

Overall classroom progress can be accurately seen in real time. High flyers and those needing additional support can be easily identified.


Secondary Edition

Primary Edition
KS2 + Advance Primary

Pupil Edition
KS2 to GCSE Revision


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"As a non-specialist, eMathsMaster has given me more confidence with the mathematics, along with teaching ideas to use with my classes. Of the Year 11 pupils that have been introduced to the pupil version, several have really engaged with the course since we introduced it. I believe that this will really benefit the pupil in that they can monitor their own progress which also builds confidence. It is an intuitive and easy to use platform. I highly recommend it."

- Roger Hutchinson, Biology Teacher, Barnsley Academy, UK

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