Primary Teacher Edition


Welcome to eMathsMaster! This course covers the latest UK National curriculum for Primary School Maths covering the whole of Key Stage 2; it also covers some of Key Stage 3 for more advanced pupils! Don’t forget, once you’ve completed the eMathsMaster course, you will have demonstrated Maths mastery and be able to effectively deliver fun and engaging Maths lessons, with reduced stress, lots of assistance and benefit from increased learning outcomes.

If you have arrived at this page it most likely means you are about to embark on your eMathsMaster journey to become a Primary School teacher of Maths, how exciting! Grab yourself a cup of tea, maybe even a biscuit and take 3 and a half minutes to sit down and watch this short instructional film before starting the course. We wish you the best of luck and enjoy!


Primary Edition

KS2 and selected modules of KS3 for advanced primary pupils

Secondary Edition

KS2 to GCSE, level 9 GCSE standards

Pupil Edition

KS2 to level 9 GCSE standards Learn and revise Maths, anytime, anywhere, 24/7!


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