eMathsMaster Privacy Policy


Account Data In order to use certain features (such as enrolling on a course), you must create a user account. The account data that you provide - email address, password, gender and date of birth, will be collected and stored and you will be assigned a unique identification number.
Profile Data You can also choose to provide certain information for your public profile, including a display picture. The data on your profile will be visible to other users on the system.
Course Data When you enrol on and take courses, we collect data pertaining to the courses, assignments and quizzes that you have begun and completed; your exchanges with instructors, teaching assistants and other students. Essays, answers to questions and other submissions will also be stored.
Payment Data Certain data will be collected if you make purchases. This includes you name and zip code, as is necessary to process the order. Payment and billing data directly submitted to our payment processing partners (name, credit card information, billing address) is not collected or stored by USP or eMathsMaster for security reasons.

Data We Collect through Automated Means

System Data Technical data collected includes information about your computer or device, such as your IP address, device type, operating system type and version, unique device identifiers, browser, browser language, domain and other systems data, and platform types.
Approximate Geographic Data An approximate geographic location, including information like country, city and geographic coordinates is calculated based on your IP address.
Usage Data Usage data refers to usage statistics regarding courses accessed, pages visited, time spent on particular pages, features used, search queries, click data, date and time and other data regarding your use of the services.

What your data is used for:

We use your data to provide information for our services, for communication purposes, to troubleshoot issues, secure against fraud and abuse, improve and update our services, analyse how people use our services, personalised advertising and, as may be required by law or when necessary, for safety and security.

What we use the data we collect through your use of the services for:

  • To provide and administer the Services, including to display customised content and facilitate communication with other users
  • To process requests and orders for courses, products, specific services, information or features
  • To communicate with you regarding your account by:
    • Responding to questions and concerns
    • Sending administrative messages and information, messages from instructors and teaching assistants, notifications about changes to our service and updates to our agreements
    • Sending information and in-app messages about your course progress, rewards programs, new services, new features, promotions, newsletters and other available courses. You can opt out of such messages at any time.
    • Sending push notifications to provide updates and other relevant information (which you can manage from the “options” or “settings” page of the mobile app)
  • To manage your account preferences
  • To solicit feedback from users
  • To identify unique users across devices
  • To improve our services and develop new products and features

Who we share your data with

  • We do not share your data with any other company under any circumstances
  • All of your data resides in the EEA (European Economic Area)


We use appropriate security based on the type and sensitivity of the data being stored. As with any internet-enabled system, there is always the risk of unauthorised access. Therefore, it is important to protect your password and to contact us if you suspect any unauthorised access to your account.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the information below. 

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