Pay as you consume subscription licence

An alternative to the user subscription model is the Pay as You Consume licence model
In this model, all students and teachers are set up on the system, there is no annual licence fee.
The educational establishment purchases units up front, when these are consumed, further units are purchased.
This option is suitable for large Multi Academy Trusts or Local Authorities that want to offer the entire organisation access to eMathsMaster without the up-front cost of subscriptions for all students/ teachers.
Students that do not log in cost nothing on this model, however, users that engage cost more than the standard subscription model. Transition to the standard subscription model can be made once engagement has been proven.
Completing the entire programme to guarantee a minimum grade 5 GCSE uses a minimum of 1,140 units.
Completing the first six steps which would see a grade 4 pass uses a minimum of 708 units
Table Caption
Units pre-purchased Unit Price Buy now EX VAT
20,000 units £0.12 £2,400
60,000 units £0.10 £6,000
125,000 units £0.09 £11,250
520,000 units £0.06   £31,200