eMathsMaster Student Edition GCSE: Key Stage 2 through to GCSE grade 9

eMathsMaster is a complete online maths learning and revision programme that guarantees you'll pass your maths GCSE… or your money back*! eMathsMaster Student Edition offers a complete home learning, maths education solution that is more affordable than private tutoring, giving you the best value. For a home solution eMathsMaster is priced at £69.99 per household/year. For schools and Further Education colleges, eMathsMaster is priced at £6.37 per student/year. Available 24/7 at your fingertips, on PC, tablet or smartphone.

It's as simple as LOGIN - WATCH - LEARN - REPEAT!

THE GOOD NEWS: You'll become an eMathsMaster and pass your exams!

THE (NOT SO) BAD NEWS: This requires at least 40 hours of online learning (but you'll make yourself proud and succeed from hard work)!

 What to expect from eMathsMaster Student Edition:

  • Covers the full UK National Curriculum for maths, from Key Stage 2 through to GCSE, level 9
  • Suitable learning material for ages 8 to adult
  • Follows the highly regarded maths mastery approach to turn you in to an eMathsMaster
  • Makes maths learning and revision fun and IT WORKS
  • 380 professionally narrated, animated fun lesson films with real life examples
  • Over 2,500 maths questions and assessments to improve your ability and increase subject confidence
  • Earn badges and points as you work towards becoming an eMathsMaster
  • Pop culture references such as characters, films and TV shows are hidden as 'Easter Eggs' for you to find
  • Meet different characters and follow different story lines as you learn
  • Complete your personal, structured step-by-step learning journey, at your own pace
  • If you successfully complete all modules of eMathsMaster, we guarantee you'll pass the GCSE, or we will return the full price of your subscription
  • Maths content has been created and accredited by skilled teacher trainers from The Dean Trust's Teacher Training School
  • Choose your custom theme and appearance from an array of colour options. 
  • What football team do you support? Learn and revise maths from your favourite Premier League club version of eMathsMaster! (Call 020 7495 2100 for more info)

eMathsMaster Student Edition is perfect for students wanting to improve their maths ability from Key Stage 2 through to the highest grades of GCSE maths. eMathsMaster is being used by students in Primary, Secondary and Further Education, as well as being utilised and enjoyed by adult learners returning to education. eMathsMaster supports students' learning using the same language and methodology as used in the classroom, helping you reach your full potential.

Why do YOU need a maths GCSE?

  1. You will have better job opportunities with higher pay and will often show on job requirements

  2. Passing your maths GCSE is required to go to university 

  3. No more maths lessons (unless you want to) 😉

  4. The satisfaction and knowledge that hard work = SUCCESS


  • According to the Prison Service, the higher your maths ability, the lower your chances of becoming an inmate, in prison!
  • There is also a direct link between low numeracy skills and poor physical and mental health. By passing your maths GCSE you are actually improving yourself. 

Next time you think maths is a total waste of time, it's really not a waste of time

eMathsMaster Student Edition is also suitable for anyone keen to improve their maths skills, from parents wanting to support their child to those looking to improve their everyday functional maths ability. 

*users must complete the learning programme prior to taking their resit exam to qualify for the Money Back Guarantee.

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