eMathsMaster is used by students in school and at home to drive better learning outcomes and improve maths attainment, as students build subject confidence and gain understanding in all topics covered in the UK National curriculum for maths. eMathsMaster Student edition is an immersive, personal learning programme that follows the maths mastery method to guarantee success. 120 hours of engagement and learning ensure that students complete the programme. If students complete the whole learning programme, eMathsMaster will guarantee a maths GCSE PASS with at least a grade 5 or their money back, guaranteed.

Learning with eMathsMaster is as simple as: 

LOGIN to eMathsMaster

WATCH the maths come to life and engage through professionally animated, narrated lesson films

LEARN and revise through completing lesson assessments and maths questions

REPEAT the process, passing each module to unlock the next module and master all 380 modules


eMathsMaster's scheme of work has been designed to deliver maths education in the correct order for maximum understanding and engagement. Coupled with class education, this makes it an unbeatable solution. 


LEARN using eMathsMaster in class to support maths education 

Allows students of any ability to achieve the best results possible in maths. Can be used in school to support the revision and learning of maths. Fills in gaps in knowledge, increasing understanding of topics, empowers learners to learn at their own pace, building self-confidence.


REVISE with eMathsMaster at home to increase confidence and ability

eMathsMaster can be used as a simple revision tool, a self-learning programme for students of all abilities. By working through all 12 steps of maths, students achieve personal growth and satisfaction as they realise their potential. Students can re-visit modules that didn’t achieve 100% and further revise topics to refresh their memory in a quest to master modules further. 


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