eMathsMaster FAQ

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What is eMathsMaster?

eMathsMaster is a maths Teacher Training software. It contains over 1,000 animated lessons and teacher training films and in excess of 2,500 competency-based assessments covering the full UK National Curriculum, from Key Stage 2 up to GCSE, level 9. It is also suitable for iGCSE. The 12 steps cover all 6 topics of maths: Numbers, Probability, Geometry & Measures, Algebra, Statistics and Ratio, Proportion & Rates of Change.

Is eMathsMaster accessible to people with hearing/sight impairments?

Yes, all eMathsMaster videos are professionally narrated with English subtitles, which allows for accessibility for people with hearing / sight impairments. We are constantly striving to improve our system to ensure it’s fully accessible for everyone.

What curriculum does eMathsMaster follow?

eMathsMaster follows the latest UK curriculum from Key Stage 2 up to the new GCSE, level 9, as taught by the Dean Trust Academy. It is suitable for Primary and Secondary Schools. If you prefer to study the K12 curriculum, please visit our US website eMathMaster.com .

What age is eMathsMaster suitable for?

eMathsMaster is suitable for teachers of students from Key Stage 2 up to GCSE, available for all ages. The eMathsMaster Student Edition GCSE is aimed at students from 12 to 16 years but not limited to them.

How do I access eMathsMaster, do I need to download it?

Yes you need to download it, eMathsMaster is a fully online video based programme and requires an internet connection, available on all devices 24/7. eMathsMaster is now available in the Windows Store. Download either the Primary Teacher Edition, Secondary Teacher Edition GCSE or the Student Edition now and easily access anywhere, anytime. For School Editions, call eMathsMaster on 020 7495 2100.

What devices can I use eMathsMaster on?

eMathsMaster can be accessed through any up to date Web Browser. eMathsMaster is designed to work seamlessly on Mobile, Tablet or PC.

How long is an eMathsMaster licence valid for?

All eMathsMaster products have a 12 month licence as standard, plus the 14 day Free Trial period.

What's the difference between a Teacher and a School licence?

An eMathsMaster Teacher Edition GCSE licence allows one teacher to access the system and also includes 75 student licences for their class. eMathsMaster School Edition GCSE is a licence for the whole school. This will allow up to 10 teachers to access the system and up to 750 students. eMathsMaster Primary Teacher Edition and eMathsMaster Primary School Edition are similar.

Is there an eMathsMaster Primary Student Edition?

At this time there is no eMathsMaster Primary Student edition, but the eMathsMaster Student Edition GCSE includes all 12 steps of maths starting at the very basics of Key Stage 2, leading up to the highest grade of GCSE, grade 9. All for only £49.99/year which is less than paying for a regular private tutor.

Does it test students at the end of the lesson?

Yes, there are assessments after each Lesson, and the maths questions are exam-style questions. The assessments must be passed in order to move onto the next section, following the Shanghai Mastery Method.

Is there a progress tracker?

Yes, you can view how many modules are in each Step and unlock them as you progress through the course. There is a progress bar on the user Dashboard, counting your current progress through the course.

What other information can I find out about my progress?

From the Trainee Dashboard you can view your current overall passing score, how many courses you have completed and attempted. You can also view your total time on the system to date. These metrics feed back to our medal achievements. Can you collect the Gold medal?

What information can a school administrator access?

Teachers can view a student's progress through the system, the time spent online, and see if a student is struggling with a topic and whether they need extra help. School administrators, Head Teachers, Head of maths etc can monitor their teachers' progress throughout the course.

Can students continue from the last lesson they completed?

Yes, as well as being able to select which course to retake once complete, the Resume button on the Trainee Dashboard will bring you back to where you left off.

Where can I give feedback for eMathsMaster lessons?

Once you complete a Step you can fill in a quick feedback form for the eMathsMaster lessons in this Step. We are always looking for ways to improve, your feedback is very important to us.

I'm stuck on a question and can't pass - what do I do?

All questions are based on the video the assessment follows. If you cannot answer a question, re-watch the film, take notes and try again. Alternatively, call eMathsMaster on 020 7495 2100 or chat to someone in our support team, using the support icon/tab.

I can't log in, my password doesn't work

On the login screen, click the forgot password button to reset your password and await an email prompting you to change your password.

I haven't received my login details, HELP

Call eMathsMaster on 020 7495 2100 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will resend your login details.

How can I get in touch with eMathsMaster?

If you have any questions not covered here, or would like to discuss how eMathsMaster can benefit you, call us on 020 7495 2100 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Alternatively, contact us through the support button below.

Can I buy eMathsMaster through invoice?

Yes, for invoice purchase call the office or email us, we will need a PO number and Bank details