There is a maths crisis in Further Education, eMathsMaster is a solution.

There are an estimated 450,000 students in Further Education each year, who are required by law to re-sit their maths GCSE until they pass, while studying at college. The national average pass rate is 15% and student engagement is extremely low, with many students feeling demoralised, preoccupied with their newer studies in FE, little time or desire to continue with maths, most students take multiple attempts before success. For some, it can take up to three years in Further Education to pass their GCSE. Further Education colleges are also suffering from a shortage of maths teachers, who are needed to teach GCSE maths and help these students pass their GCSE, and as soon as possible. Some students re-sit the GCSE maths exam again, again and again. Students suffer, results suffer, the pressure on teachers is too high and far too much time and money is wasted.

The solution is   eMathsMaster

eMathsMaster Teacher Edition GCSE and eMathsMaster Student Edition GCSE, are being used as part the eMathsMaster dual solution by Further Education Colleges to maximise student engagement, improve maths results and reduce teacher stress and workload.

eMathsMaster Student Edition delivers a personal learning programme that puts the responsibility of success in the palm of each student's hand, if they put the time and effort in, we will guarantee their success. With a simple, easy to use step-by-step learning programme, students learn through the maths mastery method, filling in any gaps in their knowledge along the way to achieving their own maths mastery. Students completing Step 1 through to Step 12 average 120 learning hours, and are eligible for the GCSE pass guarantee. The programme is suitable for functional skills students wanting to take the GCSE and GCSE foundation and higher. eMathsMaster is being used by students aged 16-19 and adult learners to help them achieve better learning outcomes.

eMathsMaster is delivering a solution to the maths teacher shortage, through our accredited online maths teacher training programme that covers the entire UK National curriculum for maths, from Key Stage 2 through to grade 9 of the GCSE. The programme trains non-maths specialists and non-maths teachers to deliver high-quality and engaging maths lessons. The dual solution also supports students with their own learning programmes. Teaching and learning are delivered through professionally animated and narrated Lesson and Teaching Techniques films, followed by over 2,500 assessments and maths questions.

All eMathsMaster pedagogy has been created in association with The Dean Trust, by accredited maths teacher trainers. If you would like to enquire about pedagogy please visit The Dean Trust.

eMathsMaster goes above and beyond

eMathsMaster CEO, Adam Caplan is personally very committed to improving the learning outcomes for students at FE colleges. Adam offers site visits where he delivers:

  • Motivational speeches to GCSE maths students
  • Teacher CPD sessions
  • Seminars
  • Additional support to an area of education that he feels is extremely important, particularly in terms of maths

What can you expect from eMathsMaster Teacher Edition

An e-learning platform (The Learning Engine. Our own proprietary software LMS) with a built-in library of various courses and assessments (an ever-growing library with high-quality, multiple-module, training courses).

  • Covers the full UK National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 through to GCSE, level 9
  • 380 modules covering every element of maths taught at Key Stage 2, 3, 4 and GCSE
  • 740 professionally narrated, animated lessons and teacher training films
  • Over 2,500 competency-based assessments
  • Authoring tools to create and develop own lesson material, assessments and homework
  • Reporting tools showing in-depth Management Information for all teachers and students, divided by year groups and classes
  • Customisable design for each individual school/college
  • Full support for both pedagogical and technical queries
  • eMathsMaster’s Student Edition provides students with individual learning resources that can be used as a learning and revision tool to support their maths education
  • Site visits from eMathsMaster: CPD sessions and motivational talks for students 

A detailed training programme

The eMathsMaster Secondary School/FE programme is comprised of 380 modules covering the UK National Curriculum for maths.

Each module includes the following:

  1. An animated, professionally narrated, maths lesson that can be used in class as a teaching resource.
  2. A set of assessment questions aimed at ensuring the learner has understood the topic covered in the lesson.
  3. A set of maths questions to ensure that the learner can use the concepts delivered in the lesson to solve a number of maths problems.
  4. An animated, professionally narrated teaching techniques film that accompanies the lesson. This film complements the maths lesson, covers the pedagogy, addresses common misconceptions students may have, develops deeper thinking and looks at different ways to teach the topic in the film. These films also cover extension topics and help to develop reasoning for students.
  5. A set of assessment questions aimed at ensuring the teacher has understood the teaching film content.

How to use eMathsMaster

Visit how to use eMathsMaster to discover the different ways your FE college can teach and learn using eMathsMaster. The Complete eMathsMaster Dual Solution is a complete maths education solution for both teachers and students, using the eMathsMaster scheme of work with guaranteed results.

eMathsMaster and Knowsley and St Helen's Colleges

The eMathsMaster programme is being utilised by a large FE college group through the Strategic College Improvement Fund, with great success for teachers and students. This is the Knowsley and St Helen's campus. Knowsley and St Helen's colleges are under immense pressure each year as they take on thousands of students from secondary schools in the area, who have failed their maths GCSE exam. Since the overhaul of the GCSE grading system in 2017, every secondary school in Knowsley has been unable to meet the new government set, with all six schools in the borough found to be under-performing in GCSE results. Other schools across Merseyside and Halton also achieved below the minimum standard as set by the Government. Knowsley and St Helen's is just one example of an FE college under extreme pressure, by law, to ensure students feeding in from secondary schools in the surrounding areas, pass their maths GCSE.

eMathsMaster's production team have provided fun and engaging student adverts and personalised videos to promote eMathsMaster within the college and encourage students to want to complete their learning programme. Adam Caplan has delivered relatable, motivational speeches about 'why passing your maths GCSE is so important' to students, and 'why you should be investing in your futures by working hard and preparing today', to bring real life understanding of what happens next and how they can achieve their dreams only by working for them. Adam also provides regular CPD sessions for teachers to help them stay on track and feel confident in their teaching. The head of maths at the college has worked to integrate the eMathsMaster scheme of work completely with his teachers and students. There has been an increase in engagement and we look forward to seeing the GCSE results in January. eMathsMaster has guaranteed each student that completes the whole of eMathsMaster (approx. 120 hours of learning), a minimum of a grade 5 pass. We will continue to keep engagement at its highest and work towards bringing first time success to each and every student re-sitting their maths GCSE exam.

Retrain & Retain

In addition, we are delivering a number of solutions to 19 FE Colleges through the Retrain & Retain programme.

eMathsMaster is increasing maths attainment in 36 FE Colleges across the UK. 

We hope as more and more FE colleges learn about the eMathsMaster solution, we can help many more achieve positive results in maths, increasing both teacher and student happiness and satisfaction in the process, as personal growth is achieved one-by-one.


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