eMathsMaster Teacher Edition GCSE: A solution to the maths teacher shortage in Secondary Schools and Further Education Colleges.

eMathsMaster Teacher Edition GCSE is built on our powerful Learning Engine. A complete Learning Management System for non-maths specialists, non-maths teachers, teaching assistants and NQTs wanting to learn the skills required to effectively deliver high quality maths lessons in secondary schools and FE colleges. It also helps existing maths teachers reduce their workload and significantly reduces marking time both inside and outside the classroom. Covers the full UK National Curriculum for maths from Key Stage 2 through to GCSE, level 9. Teachers can confidently start delivering high quality, fun and engaging lessons, as soon as they have demonstrated mastery of topics through completing modules. eMathsMaster Teacher Edition GCSE can be completed in 80-90 hours and is available 24/7, on all devices with an internet connection.

The  eMathsMaster dual approach

eMathsMaster, a full member of The British Education Suppliers Association, have developed two solutions that help improve maths attainment and results in the UK:


What can you expect from eMathsMaster Teacher Edition GCSE?

An e-learning platform (The Learning Engine. Our own proprietary software LMS) with a built-in library of various courses and assessments (an ever-growing library with high-quality, multiple-module, training courses).

  • Covers the full UK National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 through to GCSE, level 9
  • 380 modules covering every element of maths taught at Key Stage 2, 3, 4 and GCSE
  • 760 professionally narrated, animated lessons and teacher training films
  • Over 2,500 competency-based assessments
  • Authoring tools to create and develop own lesson material, assessments and homework
  • Reporting tools showing in-depth Management Information for all teachers and students, divided by year groups, classes
  • Customisable design for each individual school/college
  • Full support for both pedagogical and technical queries
  • eMathsMaster’s Student Edition provides students with individual learning resources that can be used as a learning and revision tool to support their maths education
  • Site visits from eMathsMaster: CPD sessions and motivational talks for students


A detailed training programme

The eMathsMaster Secondary School/FE college programme is comprised of 380 modules covering the UK National Curriculum for maths:

Each module includes the following:

  1. An animated, professionally narrated, maths lesson that can be used in class as a teaching resource.
  2. A set of assessment questions aimed at ensuring the learner has understood the topic covered in the lesson.
  3. A set of maths questions to ensure that the learner can use the concepts delivered in the lesson to solve a number of maths problems.
  4. An animated, professionally narrated teaching techniques film that accompanies the lesson. This film complements the maths lesson, covers the pedagogy, addresses common misconceptions students may have, develops deeper thinking and looks at different ways to teach the topic in the film. These films also cover extension topics and help to develop reasoning for students.
  5. A set of assessment questions aimed at ensuring the teacher has understood the teaching film content.


eMathsMaster around the world

eMathsMaster is suitable for iGCSE, and can be used by schools around the world following the UK National Curriculum for maths. While eMathsMaster maps the UK curriculum for maths, 'maths is maths', at the end of the day. The concepts are the same, just methods and phrasing might vary, so for overseas schools with UK teachers wanting to use eMathsMaster, we will personalise our software if necessary to meet your needs.

For example, we have several schools in Vietnam using eMathsMaster and their students do not have '£' on their keyboard. Therefore we have created a version for them without the '£' sign, to make all of our maths questions and assessments accessible. However, in our new system launching December 2018, for questions like these, you will be able to answer with/without currency signs, making it easily accessible in all countries. The students in Vietnam are enjoying the eMathsMaster lesson films, professionally narrated in English (all films include English subtitles), which enhances their learning further, especially when English is not their first language. We are very excited about our partnership with schools in Vietnam and hope this is just the beginning of helping teachers and students around the world. If you are a teacher, student or school outside of the UK and would like to discover how eMathsMaster can work with you to help you improve maths results and attainment, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on +44 207 495 2100

 will be available in early 2019 for students, teachers and schools in the United States. eMathMaster has mapped the US Core Curriculum for math from Grade 2 through to Grade 12. 


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