Step 3 Teaching Techniques


Topic: Statistics

Lesson: Extract data and interpret discrete bar charts

Step 5 Teaching Techniques


Topic: Number

Lesson: Learn fractional equivalents to key recurring decimals e.g. 0.333333..., 0.66666666..., 0.11111... and by extension 0.222222...

Step 6 Teaching Techniques


Topic: Number

Lesson: Write numbers as a decimal number of millions or thousands, e.g. 23 600 000 as 23.6 million

Step 7 Teaching Techniques


Topic: Algebra

Lesson: Recognise that linear functions can be rearranged to give y explicitly in terms of x e.g. rearrange y + 3x - 2 = 0 in the form y = 2 - 3x

Step 9 Teaching Techniques


Topic: Statistics

Lesson: Interpret cumulative frequency graphs